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After a while we already enjoy Geprek Bensu Nasi Daun Jeruk, Nasi Roa and also Nasi Kuning. Now, are you ready to enjoy how good our Geprek Bensu Nasi Lemak?. this menu is first time served at geprek bensu bukit bintang, malaysia and make people of this nation curious about the taste.

Today, (Feb 2, 2020) Geprek Bensu Nasi Lemak Package officaly lounch and you can try it in all Geprek Bensu outlet in Indonesia. Enjoy malayasia trade mark cuisin with spicyness of Geprek Bensu Sambal with Nasi Lemak mix with peanutt anchovy and boiled egg topped with rendang sambal. But beaware this package its only available till Februari 12, 2020. Order now.

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